30 March 2007

Google Shows NOLA Like It Was

Living at some distance from New Orleans, I can't offer current word-on-the-street news about our meeting's host city. But this morning's Seattle Times had an AP story that y'all will want to see, because it joins our geographical interest (New Orleans) with our professional interest (information technology): New Orleans locals perplexed by pre-Katrina maps on Google, Seattle Times, March 30, 2007.

Google's popular map portal has replaced post-Hurricane Katrina satellite imagery with pictures taken before the storm, leaving locals feeling like they're in a time loop and even fueling suspicions of a conspiracy.

Scroll across the city and the Mississippi Gulf Coast, and everything is back to normal: Marinas are filled with boats, bridges are intact and parks are filled with healthy, full-bodied trees.

* * *

Chikai Ohazama, a Google product manager for satellite imagery, said the maps now available are the best the company can offer. Numerous factors decide what goes into the databases, "everything from resolution, to quality, to when the actual imagery was acquired."
Yet another good example to remind us that not everything on the Internet is absolutely accurate...

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15 March 2007

Movies About New Orleans

As part of my work on the publicity for this year's annual meeting, I wrote an article about depictions of New Orleans on the silver screen that has appeared in several AALL chapter newsletters. Its long-winded title is "From Brando and Leigh to Abbott and Costello: Get Ready for the AALL 2007 Annual Meeting and Conference with some of the Best (and Worst) Movies About New Orleans". I have put a copy it online so everyone can read it here. I also have my on-going master list of New Orleans movies online so everyone can peruse the fruits of my "research".

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06 March 2007

The Local Arrangements Committee

Here's a picture of the usual suspects.
Front row: Michael Whipple, Charlene Cain, Miriam Childs, Etheldra Scoggin, Carol Billings
Middle row: Francis Xavier Norton, Mary Johns, Georgia Chadwick, Jennifer Dabbs, Cathy Wagar, Cynthia Hill-Jones
Back row: Brian Huddleston, Vicenç Feliú, Joachim Bermudez, Amy Hale-Janeke
Not pictured: Ajaye Bloomstone, Blythe McCoy

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Marie on Mardi Gras Day

A photo of Marie Erickson of the Law Library of Louisiana on Mardi Gras Day. Submitted by her husband George Cholewczynski.

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