25 July 2007

Even policy dweebs love Mardi Gras!

I am pictured here with AALL's fabulous Associate Washington Affairs Representative Mary Alice Baish and this year's winner of the AALL Public Access to Government Information Award Cathy Hartman. Mary Alice and Cathy deserved a respite after conducting heavy discussions regarding archiving of government information and Congressional funding for the Government Printing Office--and New Orleans is just the place to relax!

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We passed a good time!

This is a picture of me (center) throwing beads in the Mardi Gras parade that followed the Closing Banquet. As you can see, we had a wonderful time! Also in the photo: Denise Uzee and Fran Norton.

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19 July 2007


What to do before heading home from the conference? A swamp tour, of course. I wasn't the only one who had that idea. I ran into another AALL conference-goer coming off a tour as I started on my adventure. The swamp was - as promised - extremely hot but fascinating. I even got to hold a gator.

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18 July 2007

Sumo Brain

Sumo Brain (my name for the Sumobrain.com freebie figure) seems to have been the hot item at the Conference this year. I just made a flickr.com group (aptly named Sumo Brain) to record his travels. If you got one of these freebies, please join the group and post your pictures of Sumo Brain doing his thing.

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I don't care too much for do-nuts but when I heard about the Beignets I decided to try them. Wonderful! Served fresh and hot with loads of powered sugar. Usually you can find them in New Orleans for about $2 for 3.

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AALL Opening Reception

AALL opened with an after-dinner dessert extravaganza sponsored by LexisNexis. This was the place to be on the evening of July 14th to network and catch up with old friends, enjoy some sweets, and even dance the night away to a live band. Delicious indulgences tempted from every table - bread pudding, beignets, king cake, sweet potato and pecan pie, cobblers, chocolate dipped strawberries, and beautiful chocolate boxes almost too pretty to eat, were some of the treats that were offered. The ambiance was, of course, all New Orleans.

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17 July 2007

Music Tour Tuesday on Frenchmen Street

For those of you interested in touring the Frenchmen Street music scene tonight, Tuesday evening, come to the Snug Harbor Jazz Bistro at 7pm. It's at 626 Frenchmen (504-949-0696). Several folks will be having dinner there at 7pm, and you're welcome to join us. Depending upon how folks feel, we'll stay for the music there, which starts at 8pm, or go to another club on Frenchmen. Snug Harbor has a $15 cover tonight, but the Apple Barrel Bar (609 Frenchmen; 504-949-9399) and d.b.a New Orleans (618 Frenchmen; 504-942-3731) don't have cover charges tonight. Apple Barrel music starts at 8pm, and d.b.a music starts at 10pm. There are other clubs too, so we'll just see where our mood takes us. Frenchmen street is at the east end of the Quarter, right around the corner from Esplanade and Decatur. Hope to see you there! Laura Ray

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