14 July 2007

Mentoring Program

The Mentoring Program is working!

This afternoon, I had nice conversations with new law librarians (one is finishing up her MLIS in December; the other just graduated and starts work at the end of the summer), each walking with her mentor.

I wouldn't have met Jennifer outside the Hilton if she hadn't been with Blair, and I wouldn't have met Alison in the Riverwalk if she hadn't been with Simon. but clearly each newcomer to the profession was getting to know a more senior law librarian and, along the way, getting to meet whoever they ran into. We are such a networky lot that meeting people here and there, in hallways and food courts, is a wonderful introduction to the profession.

Thanks to everyone who is serving as a mentor. To all of you newer law librarians, welcome to the profession, and enjoy the annual meeting!

And now, I've got a reunion to go to, speaking of networking! I'm looking forward to it!

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