04 July 2007

Diversity Symposium

Getting a Rise Out of Diversity: Celebrating the Challenge
Saturday, July 14 • 2:00 – 5:00 p.m.; Reception 5:00 – 6:00pm

If you have signed up, you are in for a real treat!!
You will find out how the New Orleans legal community is positively incorporating diversity into the workplace.

The speakers at the symposium will be:

Dr. Leonard A. Williams, Director of the Office of Career Development at the University of New Orleans, will lead us in a discussion of what diversity really means within the workplace.

Associate Dean Susan L. Krinsky of Tulane Law School will tell us how the law school developed its Diversity Initiatives program and what diversity means in the life of Tulane law students.

K. Todd Wallace, Minority Recruiting and Retention Partner at the law firm of Liskow & Lewis, will describe the focus on diversity at this leading energy law firm of nearly 100 lawyers in New Orleans, Lafayette, and Houston.

If you haven’t signed up, please come anyway!
Join us for a fun, interactive, and educational program! Participants will also have the opportunity to experience some of Louisiana’s tasty and exquisite dishes, to meet this year’s Minority Leadership Development Award, Dennis Kim-Prieto of Rutgers law school, and enjoy live local entertainment from the jazz quartet of Elliott “Stackman” Callier.
Refreshments available throughout the event, followed by a reception to thank our distinguished speakers and attendees
The Association gratefully acknowledges LexisNexis® for its support of this program.

Posted for: Ruth Levor, Associate Director University of San Diego Legal Research Center

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