02 July 2007

OBS-SIS OCLC/RLIN Committee’s Informational Lagniappe

The name of the Online Bibliographic Services-Special Interest Section’s OCLC/RLIN Committee may be a little misleading. As the merger of the OBS-SIS OCLC Committee and the OBS-SIS RLIN Committee, it is not only concerned with the merger of RLG with OCLC, but with all that is happening with OCLC. Thus, the OCLC/RLIN Committee has two time slots on Monday, July 16, not only for updates and discussion on the progress in the ongoing merger of RLG with OCLC, but also on OCLC’s current other projects and new services, such as WorldCat Local.

During the first session from 10:30 a.m. to 11:30 a.m., Glenn Patton, OCLC, Director of WorldCat Quality Management Division, will provide that information on enhancements to current OCLC goods, services, and databases, and reveal new products. Attendees should be able to evaluate, choose, and use OCLC old and new products with more confidence.

This session will be followed from 11:45 a.m.-1:00 p.m., by the OBS-SIS OCLC/RLIN Committee’s Roundtable. Attendees will have more time with Mr. Patton to discuss the information given at the update session and to comment and ask questions relating to their libraries' use of OCLC in general. They will also be able to share information and suggestions with each other.

Coordinators: Ming Lu, Los Angeles County Law Library and Pam Deemer, Emory University

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