09 July 2007

Joan Biskupic book signing

Keynote speaker Joan Biskupic will be signing copies of Sandra Day O'Connor: How the First Woman on the Supreme Court Became Its Most Influential Justice immediately following her address on Sunday morning, July 15, 10:15-11:45. Look for Ms. Biskupic in the exhibit hall.

This biography of Sandra Day O'Connor is an interesting and engaging read. It reveals some of the inner workings of the Supreme Court and relationships among the justices. It is particularly timely considering the recent changes on the Court.

Copies of the book will be sold at the Conference by Garden District Book Shop, 2727 Prytania at Washington Ave. It's probably the closest large local bookstore to the Conference. If you're eating at Commander's Palace or visiting Uptown or the Garden District, you might want to stop in. Be sure to browse their extensive collection of local authors.

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