10 July 2007

Tips on What to Wear

As far as surviving- here's a tip- bring light clothes (i.e. cotton or linen). If you wear polyester or other non-natural fabrics, you will melt.
Bring comfortable shoes to walk around in. Bring some Crocs if you have them or get some here if you don't. They are the BEST shoes to be wearing when it rains, which is just about every day lately.
http://www.crocs.com/home.jsp You can usually find knockoffs at Kmart or Target, but the originals are really comfortable.
Bring an umbrella or plan to get one here. Carry it with you if you think you might be outside at all. Storms come up in the afternoon, rain intensively for an hour, and then disappear. But if you are outside during that hour- woe unto you!
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